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Recover the data of your Western Digital hard disk with Recovery Labs

Take advantage of discounts from 10% to 40%

on the final price of the service

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Benefit from our advantages

Discounts for WD customers: from 10% to 40% on the final price of the service.
Free courier service: pick-up of the device and delivery of the recovered data.
New hard disk for recording recovery included.
Western Digital will maintain the warranty of the HD even after the service.
High recovery rate of WD devices.

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A simple and streamlined workflow process

at your disposal

Pick-up of the damaged device at the address you indicate.
We analyze the damage and begin the data recovery process.
We send you a list of recoverable files and analyze their integrity.
The retrieved information is stored on a new HD.
We ship the recovered data to the address you indicate.

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Why choose Recovery Labs?

5 reasons to confide in us

Our laboratory is recommended by the leading manufacturers of hard disks.
Our Service is certified under quality standards: ISO 9001:2008.
As fast as necessary: Urgent Services, 24 / 7 and Weekends.
Our clients support us: 12 years of satisfied clients.
Our policy of "No data, no pay": we only charge if we recover.

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Our quality policy is the commitment of Recovery Labs to offer optimum service in the field of data recovery, and endeavour to provide complete customer satisfaction.

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ISO quality

Recovery Labs' laboratory, in unison with its R&D Department, has at its disposal state-of-the-art equipment and tools which enable it to be at the cutting edge of technology and to pursue the ever-changing development of storage devices.

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Western Digital has entrusted Recovery Labs, as a Platinum Partner, with its data recovery service due to its reliability as one of the leading laboratories in its field, and also for its proven efficiency throught years of close collaboration

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